Academy X

First Step

Sometime in the early afternoon, a young man would soon see his life and future change before his very eyes. Playing basketball with a group of young thugs, probably a fate not too far away from his own in the near future, David Evans was honing his skills and amking a few enemies. Accused of cheating, the young man shrugged it off and laughed at his opponent. This had a negative side effect of escalating the situation, (amongst a few other choice words), and David’s life might have been ended that day, if it were not for a bit of good luck on his side. A voice in his head asked if he needed help, which surprised him, but he shook his head and proceeded to defend himself properly on his own… not knowing that his genetic mutation had begun to express itself, allowing him to defend himself from the threat at hand.

Shortly therafter, he noticed a pair of individuals who were watching him, and he jogged over meeting them. Betsy, also known as Psylocke, introduced herself, along with Remy, also known as Gambit, and were quite impressed with what had happened just moments prior. They explained that they too were mutants, and that they were hoping to help him learn and understand his powers. Free education also helped along the way. Not sure as to what path to take, he did after all drop out of school, they informed him that it was his decision to make, and that his mother had suggested that it really was his decision to make. (They thought it was curious that he had decided to drop out on a sort of whim, similar to the time period where his mutation was exercising itself…) Naturally, he accepted, seeing it as an opportunity to become more than he would have been if he stayed. They soon left for the institute, where his new life would begin.

Once on the grounds, Betsy was unable to continue the tour for some reason or another, and he was introduced to Noriko, a very nice young asian girl with rather obvious metal gauntleted hands. She explained a little bit about herself, and proceeded to finish the tour. They played a game of basketball, and despite her obvious skill, he was able to defeat her, even with her super speed. Apparently he was quick himself, but he didn’t really understand how or why. The tour formally ended with meeting the headmaster of the institute, Scott Summers, and he agreed to a short stint in the ‘Danger Room’ not knowing exactly what was going to happen. After the tour, he went to the game room where two of his soon-to-be teammates were engaged in an arm wrestling contest. He tried to cheer them on, but the stalemate was growing on his patience, and he, naturally, began to goad the contestants in an attempt to get it finished. The two stood up and tested him, without him knowing, and he passed with flying colors, failing to be intimidated by the incredibly strong mutants, Armor and Onyxx. After meeting them formally, he proceeded to bed and awaited the next morning.

That morning, he dressed in the uniform he had selected, and proceeded to eat breakfast. He met two more of his teammates in the cafeteria, albeit shortly, Daphne and Amberlyn. They too wereo n their way to the danger room, and he followed them not wanting to be late. In the danger room they were tested and had their abilities examined somewhat in an effort to fully understand their capabilities. Daphne was proven to be a manipulator of one of the fundamental forces of the universe, gravity. With her great power she was able to levitate, bend light, and even create wormholes capable of teleporting matter from one spot to another. Amberlyn, an attractive girl if he ever saw one, yet a little… uhh… clumsy socially, had this mysterious kinetic forcefield thing that amplified her speed, her reflexes, and of course, made her physical strikes more dangerous. Intimidating to say the least. David’s powers were an interesting amalgam of varied thing, he was amazingly fast, clocked at a mere 153mph, and he displayed some sort of telepathic connection allowing for him to predict the movements of his opponents. His powers seemed quite unobvious, until later that evening.

After the group had seen a movie, and spent some time at a coffee shop brooding and not talking much, (David poured a half-empty bottle of water on Amberlyn, part retaliation, part flirting), the group, including X-23, went back to the institute. Things were not good. A mysterious group had attacked the institute, wearing Red ninja outfits, X-23 explained that they were called the hand and directed them to the Danger Room to protect the new comers. David was not exactly excited by that, after all, this was his new home. But he would soon get a taste of the dangerous Katanas that the Hand wielded… After talking for a few moments, and him stating that it would have been ironic if the Hand came down and penetrated the Danger Room, the door opened as if fate had heard him speak. Through the portal, Logan, or Wolverine, stepped into the Danger Room, followed by 20 or so red-clothed assassins of the Hand. David asked who the fuck he was, and Logan merely told the Hand to kill them all. Luckily for them, they had a room full of mutants in that room. The combat ensued, and David used the battle to take a moment, sinking into a primal rage that he knew, would let him fight until his foes were dead, or he was dead. Fortunately for him the combat did not last long, and his new friends made short work of the opponents, with David being the only casualty. Two deadly blows from katanas had sliced open his torso, leaving him bleeding on the ground. Alive, and conscious, the pain made itself obvious and his teammates patched him up. He was soon escorted to the infirmary, where he passed out from the exertion and his injuries.

He awoke soon after, meeting Warren, an angel-like mutant who explained that his blood could heal, and he injected David with the blood. X-23 came and visited him, just to ensure that he was ok, as well as his new crush, Amberlyn. She talked to him and made sure he was feeling well, and he was excused a few minutes after the healing factor injected into him had taken effect. He asked Amberlyn if she wanted to play a game of basketball, and she agreed, despite her lack of skill in the game. He taught her a few strategies, and she proved to be a worthy opponent, but his skill prevailed and after her beginners luck wore out, skill proved to be a pretty powerful influence over the game. She accidentally detonated the basketball, ending their game prematurely, but he had enjoyed himself and shee had too apparently. He gave her a friendly hug, for more than friendly reasons, and they went their separate ways to bed.

He would look forward to breakfast the next morning.



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