Academy X

As the new journey begins

The story thus far follows 3 new students to the Xavier institute. One is a survivor of the inner-city gang violence in New York, he loves basketball, treats women with respect and has the guts to stand up against a large group of people, his name is David Evans. One is a young woman who took care of her mother and family during a difficult time, a gymnast, and a student, her name is Amberlyn Alexander. The third is a physics student, almost a prodigy, and a devoted daughter, her name is Daphne Millbrook.

All three find their own ways to the school, and settle in a little on their own, beginning to develop new friendships with the people there. After a pleasant afternoon away, this bucolic paradise was shattered by a betrayal to be found of one of their own. Put up against a corner the group found the courage to stand and defend their new home, putting their life on the line. Surviving and protecting the others the new found respect that all will have for them, will lead them into a new series of adventures, helping them forge a path of their own…



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