The world as it stands now

The X-Men:Charles Xavier had a dream. A dream that one-day Mutants and Humans could live together with out prejudice or violence. Unfortunately he found there were other mutants that followed their own dreams of superiority over mutants. Charles formed the X-Men as the living embodiment of his dream. Mutants that protected humans and the world from evil mutants or any other threat that reared its head, while protecting themselves from the scores of mutant haters that seek to destroy them. The X-Men stand strong and loyal behind Xavier’s dream; working to one day sees it come true.

The mutant youths of the world are growing by the day. With the help of Cerebro and the X-Men Charles Xavier brought more and more of them to his school each and everyday. The Institute provides a learning environment to help prepare all mutants for the world at large as well as help them learn to use and control their powers for the benefit of all man kind, while also teaching them all the skills and topics they would learn in a regular school. The New Mutants are High School Age and younger students enrolled in Academy X.

Once the New X-Men were the hand picked successors that graduated from the Xavier Institute, attending the Boston Academy as the one day replacements for the X-Men. Times have changed, and the New X-Men are now counterparts to the X-Men, essentially a West Coast branch of the mutant team. One day they still strive to become full fledged X-Men and stand beside their mentors, while working in the meantime on fixing mutant and human relations on the sunny coast. Those chosen for the New X-Men are still predominately the graduates of either of the two campuses, but others have come from all walks of life to follow the dream of Xavier.

As students grew older and graduated, or joined the school at a later age, the need for a higher education for many became apparent. Legally adults, they were still not ready to join the world at large with their powers or chose to remain to help the dream or keep control. Therefore the Massachusetts Academy was reopened as the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. Now located in New York City, the campus offers full University level classes as well as training in the Danger Room and other areas for powers. Staffed by X-Men at all times, the school grows by the day, while many of the students eye future spots on the West and East coast X-Men teams.

Since that time Xavier has stepped down from his post as head of the schools and is off on sabbatical. In the mean time Co-Head Masters Emma Frost and Scott Summers run the school with the help of the faculty advisors past members of the X-men, Alpha Flight, The New Mutants, and X-force. Each instructor leads a field team that will be scheduled for relevant classes together as well as work on field and danger room exercises together. The current breakdown is as follows.

Alpha Squadron Roster

Corsairs Squad Roster

Hellions (x-men) Squad Roster

New Mutants (trainee) Squad Roster

Paragons Squad Roster

X-Force (Trainee) Squad Roster

Potential Allies

Opposing groups

The Hand

The Acolytes

The Brotherhood

The Hellfire Club and Their Hellions

The Marauders

The Morlocks

The Purifiers

The Right

Unknown figure: It currently seems someone is manipulating a lot of events from behind the scenes though no one openly knows who this may be.

Other Opposing Enemies

Unknown Factors-

En Sabah Nur, aKa Apocalypse-This millennial old mutant can sometimes be an enemy, sometimes an ally, but always very dangerous to deal with. Currently thought to be in a state of suspended animation after most recent attacks on mutant kind to further what he called “the destiny of the 12”

The world as it stands now

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