David "Berserk" Evans

Name: David Evans    Sex: Male      Ht: 6'1"       Weight: 175+9
                     Eyes: Brown    Hair: Brown    Skin: Light Brown

11 ST       10        HP  10
11 DX       20      Will  10
10 IQ        0        FP  10n
10 HT        0    BSpeed   8.25

Move  10 (10240)
Block  0+5+1+(1)
Parry 11+6+1+(1)
Dodge 11+6+1+(1)

Advantages                             Disadvantages
----------                            ----------
Daredevil               15             Berserk (12+)    -10
Fit                      5             On the Edge      -15
Trained by a Master     30             Overconfident    -5
Weapon Master (Katana)  20            Guilt Complex     -5
ATR 5 (Var., Costs FP)  300           Nightmares        -5
  Super Speed
  Costs 5 Fatigue
ETS                     41
Combat Precognition     99
  Enhanced Block 5
  Enhanced Parry 6
    All Cosmic
    All Mutation
Danger Sense            12
DR 3 Absorb FP only     18
  Physical Only
  Tough Skin
Active Tactical Reading  1
Basic Move +66         300
Basic Speed +10        180
Synchronize              1
Signature Gear          46
   (5)Vibranium Katana

Chronic Risk Taker                      -1
Always Treats Women with Courtesy       -1
Trash Mouth                             -1
Will never turn down a game of BBall    -1

----------                  D.    Pts    Rank
Area Knowledge (Harlem)     IQ/E    1    IQ
Body Language               Per/A   2    Per
Brawling                    DX/E    2    DX+1
Karate                      DX/H    4    DX
Two-Handed Sword            DX/A    20   DX+5
Fast-Draw (2h-Sword)        DX/E    4    DX+2
Leadership                  IQ/A    2    IQ
Climbing                    DX/A    1    DX-1
Computer Operation          IQ/E    1    IQ
Escape                      DX/H    2    DX-1
Fast-Talk                   IQ/A    2    IQ
Intimidation                Will/A  2    Will
Mathematics                 IQ/H    1    IQ-2
Running                     HT/A    2    HT
Scrounging                  Per/E   1    Per
Sports (Basketball)         DX/A    4    DX+1
Streetwise                  IQ/A    4    IQ+1
Survival (Urban)            Per/A   4    Per+1

Vibranium Katana (Very Fine, Monowire)
Sw+6(10)  cut
thr+3(10) imp

David Evans is a young black man from the streets of one of the worst areas of New York, NY. His Dad left both his mother and himself when he was a little kid, and his childhood was spent growing up with only his mother to look up to. Fortunately, his mother did impress upon him the necessities of being a gentleman and he has a healthy respect for women, perhaps because his mother was the only one to take care of him, and he knows how much work it has been.

Fortune seems to guide his actions when he behaves irrationally, tied in with a brutality that he rarely keeps under control, his blessed nature has given him a streak of overconfidence; if the streets can’t take him down, who can? And because he lives his life on the edge, he has been in and out of hospitals and even had a few run-ins with police. Fortunately, he tries to stay on the better side of the law, and has never been incarcerated for any reason. Arrested, well what inner-city black man doesn’t? He takes unecessary risk like it is a part of his daily routine, talking smack to thugs who pack heat, not backing down when a group of douchebags (in his eyes) are trying to kick his ass and it would have been far wiser to run.

He has a pretty profane mouth, probably earned from his time on the streets, and the only time he keeps it in check is when there is a female present. His healthy respect for women keeps his language in check, so even if normally he would want to swear, a lot, many will find him to be quite plesant in the company of a woman.

Basketball is the only thing that he’ll never say no to, (chances are he’ll never say no to anything else either, even if it is stupid…), and he loves the game. Basketball is probably one of the myriad reasons for him dropping out of high school, and he took to the streets playing Basketball for cash. Which inevitably led to him getting into some serious trouble…

David "Berserk" Evans

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