Amberlynn Alexander

Name: Amberlynn Alexander  Sex: Female   Height: 5'4"   Weight: 118lbs    
                           Eyes: Amber   Hair: Auburn   Skin: Tanned Caucasian

-------  Pts               Pts
10 St    0      10 HP      0
10 Dx    0      10 Per     0
10 Iq    0      10 Will    0
10 Ht    0      10 FP      0

----------              Pts
Beauty - Attractive     4
Very Fit                15

-------------                   Pts
Easy To Read                    -10
Reluctant Killer                -5

------                          Pts
Responsive                      -1
Always looks after her Friends  -1
Likes To Give Small gifts       -1
Keeps a Journal                 -1
Likes to Exercise               -1

------                          Diff.   Rank     Points   Rlv
Acrobatics                      H       Dx+4     20       14
+ Acrobatic Stand               A       -2       4        12
Brawling                        E       Dx       1        10
Breath Control                  H       Ht-1     2        9
Climbing                        A       Dx-1     1        9
Computer Operation              E       Iq       1        10
Cooking                         A       Iq       2        10
Current Affairs Pop Culture     E       Iq       1        10
Driving Automotive              A       Dx-1     1        9
First Aid                       E       Iq       1        10
History (VM State History)      H       Iq       4        10
Housekeeping                    E       Iq       1        10
Karate                          H       Dx+2     12       12
+ Kicking                       H       ^-1      2        11
Mathematics Applied             H       Iq       4        10
Melee Weapon Shortsword         A       Dx+2     8        12
+ Dual Weapon Attack            H       ^        5        ^
+ Off-Hand Training             H       ^        5        ^
Research                        A       Iq       2        10
Running                         A       Ht       2        10
Tracking - Urban                E       Per+2    4        12
Writing                         A       Iq       2        10
Date of Birth: September 20th 1990
Place of Birth: Fletcher Allen Health Care Hospital, Burlington, VM
Profession: Student
Known Aliases: Amberlynn, Amber, Lynn

Amberlynn grew up mostly taking care of herself and her brother and sisters, her mother and father were almost always working and spent very little time at home. She really isn’t on good terms with her father, Jayden (Jay) Cross. He divorced her mother after Amberlynn entered middle school and left everything to her mother. She swore she would never forgive him for what he did to her mother, and to this day she still hasn’t.

Her Mother, Alice Alexander (maiden name), is rarely home anymore because she’s trying to feed five children and herself all by herself. Amberlynn is on good terms with her mother, even though she can’t go on long term field trips so she can help out at home. She constantly teases Amberlynn about how she’ll never be able get a boyfriend because she cares too much about her own family and acrobatics.

Because her mom can’t be around much, she looks after her younger siblings, Emily, Madison, Joshua, and Adam. Joshua age 13, being the second oldest, next to Amberlynn; Emily age 10, Adam age 9, and Madison (madi) age 8.

Jayden (Jay) Cross • Father • Age 37
Alice Madison Alexander • Mother • Age 33

Joshua Alexander • Brother • Age 13
Emily Alexander • Sister • Age 10
Adam Alexander • Brother • Age 9
Madison (Madi) Alexander • Sister • Age 8
Elementary School

Amberlynn was in the top of her class for the longest time, even when she got sick she would find ways to stay caught up to her class and possibly finding ways to advance a little farther. She started to get into Gymnastics at an early age and when she heard of the chance to do this First grade she took advantage of signing up for it and bug her mother to let her do it after school. She wasn’t as good as some of the other girls in her Gymnastics class but she had potential. She enjoyed the freedom and movement in the air that no other experience could give her and she trained a lot. Towards the end of her Fifth grade year she had won a couple of trophies, mostly third and second place. By this time, she also really started to get into Trance music and various Rock bands.

Middle School

Sixth Grade was strange for Amberlynn, it was the year that everything started to hit the fan. Her focuses in school weren’t doing so well. The start of the first Semester she was getting mostly B’s in all her classes and she was going remarkably well in Gymnastics. As the winter of that year approached she found herself getting sick from how much she was pushing herself, and her mother and father started fighting, a lot. Amberlynn found herself caught between yelling contests between the two of them.

Spring came around and the fights between her parents were just getting worse and to make matters worse she was far behind in her studies because she couldn’t thinking over their yelling. She found herself trying to find ways to get out of the house just to get some piece of mind, up until the point where she caught one of the worst stomach viruses of her life. She was out of school for about three weeks because everything that she tried to eat just came right back up.

She gets back to school near the end of the semester and to make matters worse, the fighting isn’t subsided and she breaks her left leg after trying to do stunt she knew she could before her getting sick. She ended her Sixth Grade year with High C’s because of all the turmoil in the family and her getting sick. Her entire summer vacation was sitting down and waiting for her leg to heal and trying to get back into her practice routines.

Seventh Grade she finally got back to having her high grades of mostly B’s and her Gymnastics was back to where it was before she got sick in the spring. Winter came with good tidings for once, her parents divorced and she hasn’t seen her father since the day in questioning, for good reasons. She started to pick up a lot of the house chores and helped with her brothers and sisters when she could, he grades suffered a minor blow at first, but after she got into the habit of doing everything she was able to get her grades at a steady level again. The Spring of ‘04, she became really ecstatic, because all her training and exercise, paid off she got her first First Place trophy for Acrobatics in her life time.

Her Eighth Grade year came and gone with out any issues, she gained a couple of First Place trophies for the winter and spring competitions for gymnastics.

High School

Her Freshmen year of High school was a little crazy. She passed the first semester with high marks. During Home-Coming, her friends thought it would be funny to enter her in the Home-Coming Queen and King Competition and some how she won, she couldn’t even remember when or where she entered and her friends gave her hell for it, even though they were the ones that did it. She won a couple more first place trophies for acrobatics before that May where she finds herself transferring out of this to into X-Academy.

Amberlynn Alexander

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